Marco Fürstenberg

I am a technical medical expert helping organisations in Africa and South America develop their turnkey projects into sustainable businesses that give back to the local communities.

One of my greatest passions is to provide support for professionals that want to make an impact in their own countries to improve the health care systems of their regions. I bring European standards of medical care to developing countries so that my clients can build top-notch facilities despite the rural conditions.

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Arno Fürstenberg

I am a Technical Manager and Trainer specialising in dialysis equipment and water treatment systems.

I help organisations, in different countries in Africa, to start and build their Dialysis units. My focus is to support and train the local technicians to help them manage and keep their systems serviced according to European standards.

What I enjoy most is playing part in developing the medical infrastructure, mostly in under-developed countries, and reaching more people in need of care.

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Danie Brink

I am a medical technician working at Fürst Solutions.

I do installations as well as maintenance support of medical equipment at diverse dialysis centres in different African countries.

Healthcare is my passion and I want to support and enable the best healthcare for patients where it is needed.

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Rozanne Boosfeld

I am an administrative and marketing coordinator, improving the public online presence and internal coordination of Fürst Solutions.

One of my passions is to use my creativity to put a company’s name out there for everyone to see and appreciate.

I have been fortunate to write a learning unit on medical English for Thieme Verlag which allowed me to get a good insight on how to improve language hurdles in the medical field.

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Iliana Schmatelka

I am a project and interim manager – expert in strategy and change management, focused on delivering results in organizations and projects in highly complex and multicultural environments with experience in more than 20 countries. I am specialised in finance, organisational development, agile and diversity management.

I love to work with African companies, supporting them to develop, improve and find new perspectives for their business and the society by creating a connection bridge for understanding and taking action in exploring the possibilities between Africa and Europe.

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Inge Fuerstenberg

I am an administrative and marketing coordinator, maintaining the public online presence and internal coordination of Fürst Solutions.

My passion is entrepreneurship and to help people market their new business successfully. Having taught Consumer Studies and Business studies at secondary and tertiary level, I am able to use my creativity and passion to help others get inspired for new business ventures.

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