An infogram is an online visual display of data, diagrams, charts, maps and infographics. This visual display is an effective method which allows people to get more information on a certain topic in a form that can be understood in a better and quick way. This includes a data-rich visualization of a story, a tool to educate and inform and a way to build brand awareness.[1]


We at Fürst Solutions GmbH recently started a new management consultancy service additionally to the medical solutions service we have been offering. Our management consultancy service offers leadership and management development, organisation management and project management. Our main operations are in Africa with focus on connecting African and European start-ups preferably in the medical field. We are working on an online platform called “AfriEu” with the aim to connect African and European start-ups and for this reason we decided to draw up an infogram which emphasise why networking in African countries is lacking. We made use of Briter Bridges statistics to support our view.

African Hubs and Start-Ups

Taking a look at our infogram, in the first part we present the total amount of hubs all over Africa. We used a map of Africa showing each country and the number of hubs in each country. All together there are 643 active hubs with Nigeria and South Africa having the most amount at 90 and 78 hubs and Zambia and Somali/land with the least at 6 hubs each. Next to the African map we present a bar chart showing the active start-ups in Africa in their respective sectors. We highlighted our focus areas in yellow. Additionally, we present the amount of venture capitals active in Africa and outside of Africa.

Challenges for Hubs

In the second part of the infogram a donut chart indicates the challenges which hubs have been dealing with over the past few years. Hubs have been misunderstood as a representative of its ecosystem for the last few years. This has led to many seeing a hub which offers certain functions or responsibility for which it is not responsible for. This turned out to be quite challenging for hubs since they got accused of not fulfilling the expectations of many entrepreneurs who made use of the hubs. This situation caused hubs to lose support from civil society, private sector, and the government.[2]

Hub Support

The second bar chart illustrates the support which the hub sectors receive. It is clear that workshops and bootcamps, business advice and one-to-one mentorship receive way more support than networking and investors meet-ups. The conclusion states that support for networking and investors meet-ups has the least amount all over Africa and are therefore lacking which is why our service would play a very important role in Africa.

Benefits of AfriEu

In the last section of our infogram we present a spider diagram to illustrate why our consultancy service and platform would be beneficial for both African businesses and European businesses. To support each point, we added a picture which also gives each point a visual affect that catches the eye of the reader. The benefits for African businesses and start-ups are that we provide assistance in finding financing, education for potential entrepreneurs, providing specific contacts by connecting business ideas with the use of AI and providing synergies specifically in the start-up scene in Africa and Europe.

The benefits of our services bring to European businesses and start-ups are that we provide an idea generator, a space to develop and expand markets, investment opportunities and African resources.

All in all, this infogram allows people to get a good idea of the point being made by just scanning through the infogram quickly. In this case why our management consultancy services could play a big role in African countries and especially in the African and European start-up scene. Making use of pictures and colours supports the points being made.


The Fürst Solutions team would like to thank Briter Bridges for giving the permission for us to use them as a reference to support our idea.


Keywords: Infogram, AfriEu, African Hubs, African Start-ups, Briter Bridges



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