The Medical Device Regulation was introduced in the European Union in order to monitor whether companies medical devices do not have possible faults and dangers that could cause injuries or death. For this to be done, compliance needs to be done by a person responsible for regulatory compliance (PRRC). It is important that all manufacturers and European authorised officials have such an expert on their side to ensure they are compliant according to the regulations. 1

Nowadays compliance technology is used to make compliance easier, safer and faster by using different types of software, for example, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, etc. It is important to find the right risk management solution for each individual company’s compliance. 2

Compliance Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Through artificial intelligence, tasks that are time-consuming and uninteresting can be done by “intelligent” machines instead of humans. This includes researching the internet compliance requirements in order to stay up to date with any new regulations and changes. This is a helpful tool to continue with a secure compliance process.

Automated Compliance Technology

Compliance technology is growing and improving to enable better management of compliance programs. Automating software and hardware to take over the tasks of humans by defining the tasks and the machine will do the rest. From organising events, meetings, assigning tasks to different employees, set and manage reminders, etc. Different methods can be used to stay up to date with standard and regulatory requirements. Time-consuming administrative tasks related to audit documentation collection and review schedule are now increased by making use of automated compliance technology. 3

Compliance Security

Choosing the right compliance technology for a company includes reviewing the risks for cybersecurity to ensure security weaknesses are taken care of and improved in order to avoid any data leakage. By choosing the right compliance technology, it is important that the company size, future goals, etc are taken into consideration. 4

Compliance Software Examples

There different kinds of compliance software popping up lately. Here are a few that could be useful for your compliance projects:


This is an online platform that enables companies to have access and to report environmental, health and safety data in real-time. The software package includes compliance as well as other management features. This program is suitable for companies of different sizes and backgrounds. Features offered include automotive administration, custom reports, workflow configuration, custom made dashboards for each one on the team, creation of responsibility for certain goals by measuring and monitoring key performance indicators, ISO27001 compliance for added security and reliability, and more. 5


This legal compliance management platform assists companies by informing them about the law which is applicable to their business type. By making use of company based legal registers, the platform supports the team to manage complicated regulations with confidence. Features offered include a database of custom made legal registers designed for each individual company, real-time updates of any notes and actions taken in the project process, regulations and legal updates in a form for anyone to understand which also includes translations for international teams, combining Governance, Risk and Compliance systems, management systems, risk assessments, and audit reports, etc. 6


This security solution platform is designed to assist companies with locating any crucial, sensitive or regulated data on their premises or in the data cloud. This includes automated data discovery which protects the companies benefits as well as preparing the company for any auditor requests, reducing any risks and acknowledging possible dangers or suspicious activity for the company’s infrastructure and data cloud which could lead to data breaches or fines for non-compliance. 7

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