Aurar Dialysis Unit is a health care facility in La Réunion established in 1980. Their main goal is to support patients with end-stage chronic kidney failure through dialysis. Aurar makes use of several solutions from B Braun for example, Aquaboss water system, hot rinse warm disinfection on ring line without any chemicals. In addition to medical care and dialysis, Aurar also provides transplant preparation and the prevention of kidney diseases, especially diabetes and metabolic diseases. Aurar dialysis unit in Saint-Louis is also the first dialysis unit in La Reunion that uses all B Braun features that exist; i.e. Dialog+ dialysis machine, Reverse Osmosis Aquaboss equipped with a  hot rinse smart, Ecomix, Central Concentrate Supply – CCS and B Braun consumables (Xevonta dialyzer, A/V Set..)


Aurar Capacity

Aurar has 13 dialysis centres available for patients with kidney failure. There are 863 500 people living on the island and approximately 1700 of them are dialysis patients.

Five dialysis units are equipped with CCS- Central concentrate supply. This system allows the concentrate to be directly transferred into the machine. Which means that the nurses do not have to carry the bags of concentrate around the unit. This, of course, saves a lot of time and effort for the nurses which means they can spend more time with their patients.

Aurar dialysis treatment

Green Solution for La Réunion

Our team at Fürst Solutions did an installation in La Réunion of an ECOMix in August 2020. The ECOMix Revolution is a fully automated mixing device for acid concentrates. The dry concentrate-powder formulation comes inside the ECOCart Revolution cartridge. SmartCoupling assures a fast and easy connection between ECOCart Revolution and ECOMix by simultaneously identifying the correct ECOCart Revolution cartridge and the requested formulation.

Suitable for mixing of acid concentrate with acetate and acid concentrate with citrate (and acetate-free). This provides a high level of safety without compromising on quality. ECOMix Revolution and ECOCart Revolution as a system is, therefore, innovative addition to the Dialog dialysis machines and the AQUAboss water treatment system, supporting effective dialysis treatment in modern renal care centres like Aurar.2

The ECOMix has 4 tanks like seen in the picture below. These tanks are the reservoir for the concentrates. The system uses much fewer plastic canisters of acid concentrate and does not take up as much space in the storeroom. The ECOCart can be recycled as well which is a good “green solution” for La Réunion

Aurar Dialysis Unit

Holiday Dialysis in La Réunion

Because La Réunion is a good holiday destination for many people all over the world, Aurar makes it possible for many tourists with kidney problems to also be able to travel to La Réunion. The dialysis unit allows patients to visit them for dialysis treatment during their holiday on the island. This is called holiday dialysis.

We previously wrote a blog on holiday dialysis. To find out what holiday dialysis is, read our blog here:

la reunion road map

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