Product training

In the complex field of the use of medical products such as dialysis machines or reverse osmosis systems, well-founded technical and application-related training, for technicians and users, such as nurses or medical technicians, is an important basis for the safe application of medical products in accordance with the applicable standards and norms.

The constant process of change, also with regard to the technical and communicative possibilities, has enabled the optimization of a wide variety of training content and training forms, which can be individually adapted to the structure of your organization or your company as well as to analyze and evaluate the corresponding training content in a sustainable way.

Both on site, for example in hospitals or training facilities such as seminar rooms and hotels, we conduct product training courses according to manufacturer specifications in the form of training courses with corresponding certification or as a workshop as instruction and supplementary information after certification in accordance with the strict legal regulations (Medical Devices Act, MPG) for the operation of medical devices and compliance with the necessary documentation.

Your advantages when outsourcing training courses on the use of medical products:

  • standardized training material
  • adaptation to your products or your company image
  • high quality of training
  • individual structure formation in training
  • measurable and controllable learning processes
  • global implementation of procedures

In addition to the practice-oriented face-to-face training forms, solutions such as e-learning via the online channels Webinar, Youtube, online presentations and group work as well as corresponding forums have been established thanks to the modern media. An effective hybrid form is the so-called “blended learning” as face-to-face training with previous e-learning.

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