Have you ever wondered how patients receiving dialysis treatment can travel for work and go on holiday like every other person when they need treatment a few days a week? Holiday dialysis allows people to visit other dialysis centres for treatment if they want to travel for work or holiday. It is very important that people plan their work trip or holiday around the dialysis treatment and not their dialysis treatment around their work trip or holiday, since it is not good that a day of dialysis treatment is missed. For this reason, it is advised that patients plan their holiday dialysis well ahead of time in order to avoid delays and disappointments.


Criteria’s to be fulfilled in order to go on Holiday Dialysis

The very first step to be taken is for patients to discuss their travel plans with their dialysis treatment team. This enables the team to help plan and give advice on travel restrictions and on the preparation for dialysis patients well ahead of time. It is very important that the patient has enough medication to last throughout their holiday and some extra medication to be on the safe side. If vaccinations have to be done and the hepatitis B immunity has to be checked, this should be done by the treatment team before the travels. All medicine prescriptions and insurance documentation should be carried with the patient during their travels.[1] If there are specific days on which the patient would like to have their holiday dialysis, this should be arranged with the dialysis centre ahead of time since specific times and days might not be possible.[2] It is advisable to have a letter from the treatment team that states that the patient is in a good enough condition to travel certain distances.

Insurance during Holiday Dialysis

It is extremely important for a patient doing holiday dialysis to have a travel insurance. Sometimes the medical insurance also covers traveling insurance and some does not cover all costs of a chronic illness. Without a travel insurance, the patient will have to pay all the medical costs in their holiday destination.

Countries offering Holiday Dialysis

There are over 300 holiday dialysis centres in 30 different countries over the world.[3] This includes countries like Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Jamaica, Turkey, the USA and various counties in the Caribbean and in Europe. [4]  It is advisable for patients to ensure that they are in an area not too far from medical support in case of emergencies.


Restrictions on Traveling when receiving Dialysis Treatment

Traveling when receiving dialysis treatment takes a lot of planning and organisation. This includes keeping all the restrictions in mind. Certain countries restrict certain medication being brought into the country without the necessary documentation and special clearance.[5]

Holiday dialysis patients are also restricted to what they are eating and drinking in destination countries. Sometimes the food on the plane as well as the local food at the destination does not apply to the diet requirements for dialysis patients. This means that it should be arranged ahead of time. Since it not always clear whether water at holiday destinations are drinkable, it is always better to drink bottled water and to also use bottled water when brushing teeth and rinsing off food.[6] This is very critical, since dialysis patients could get extremely sick when they catch any illnesses through water or food.

Links to some existing Holiday Dialysis Providers

Germany: https://www.nephrocare.de/dialysezentren.html

Austria: https://www.privatklinik-wehrle-diakonissen.at/de/

Cyprus: https://haemodialysis.royalhospital.eu

France: www.american-hospital.org

Greece: www.dialsc.gr, www.rhodes-hospital.gr, www.santorinirenal.gr, www.nephrolife-filoxenia.gr, www.nefrologiki.gr

Channel Islands: www.gov.gg/haemodialysis

Italy: www.domusnova.it

Ireland: http://irishholidaydialysis.ie/, https://beaconrenal.ie/

Malta: www.stjameshospital.com

Netherlands: spaarnegasthuis.nl

Poland: www.diaverum.com

Portugal: www.nephrocare.com

Romania: www.renamedfarma.ro

Spain: www.diaverum.com, www.quironsalud.es/marbella, www.dialysisinspain.co.uk

Slovania: http://www.dializakobarid.si/

Switzerland: www.hirslanden.ch, www.dialago.ch/en_holidaydialysis


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Source for links to existing holiday dialysis treatment providers: https://www.kidney.org.uk/holiday-dialysis-european-destinations

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