Starting your own business is a lot of work and could be a stressful situation for many. There are a lot of things to keep in mind and to consider when organising things for your business, having your marketing field on point, coordinating meetings and internal administration, etc.

Fortunately, today’s technology enables people to use different tools and programs to support them with all these above-mentioned points. Below is a list of some helpful tools and websites to make use of when starting your startup:

The Cuttles

This website allows entrepreneurs to build and expand their business idea. They offer innovative digital tools and content which enables finding investors and customers easier. At the same time, the Cuttles assist entrepreneurs to create a business idea and product which will catch the eye of the target groups it should in order to enable the business success it is meant to. Their Startup Academy service offers “building courses” to assist entrepreneurs with writing their business plan, pitch their business idea and getting seed capital. The Cuttles is the place to go to when you have a realistic business idea or even still looking for ideas. Visit The Cuttles now to get started.


Atlassian offers tools like Jira and Confluence which supports teams to work together in an online space where they can keep track of documents, tasks, products, meetings, etc. Atlassian’s tools can help a team work faster and achieve better results regardless of the size of the company and team.

Visit Atlassian to get your team organised today.


Teams can keep their conversations organised with Slack which is a new and smart alternative to emails. Whether there’s a new team member joining or a colleague leaving the team, Slack keeps all conversations saved in order for everyone to track old information and conversations to complete tasks. By adding different channels to your workspace, Slack supports collaboration on a global level. Try Slack out now.


This is an accounting software package for different-sized businesses offering bookkeeping applications. QuickBooks allows access and manages companies books from a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone at any time of the day. It enables more than one person to access the account which means colleagues or accountants can work with the same data online. Invoices and quotes can be created and saved as templates to make the job easier and faster for future use. Make your business finances uncomplicated by using QuickBooks.



What better way to present your business than having your own personalised website? Hostgator is one of the biggest website hosting platforms and is a perfect first step to launch your business website. HostGator offers many tools and a big variety of themes, and pre-built sections to assist people to create their own custom pages and publish a website fast and without hassle. If you are ready to go online with your business, then visit the HostGator website.


A web-based platform that allows you to create your own forms and surveys to collect more data from your target group and clients. This is a great way to find out whether your business idea or product draws enough attention and what you can improve in your business. Typeform can be used for free and you can upgrade to have more features at a small price.


Create a presentation different from the usual presentations you have known over the years. A presentation should impress the crowd and leave them with a visual idea and understanding. Prezi does exactly that. Prezi allows you to impress your target group with a message in a brilliant visual presentation. Prezi

Canva Logo


This platform enables you to design your own graphics, social media posts, presentations, posters, flyers, etc. Canva is a good tool to use for advertising on social media platforms as well as print outs. There are many templates to choose from and you can get creative yourself by creating your own visual content. Canva can be used for free or you can upgrade as a pro member at a small price.


A picture says a thousand words. Unsplash is the perfect website to find the best stock photography for your business under the Unsplash license. You can import these pictures to your website or even to Canva and create the ideal social media posts to advertise your business. Unsplash is a must-have.

Our page on Afri-Eu has more tools which could be helpful when starting a business:

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