Although going to school is always an exciting event, for some children it is not the case. Children with chronic kidney disease have to deal with many factors that influence their school situation. Due to dialysis treatment, these children cannot attend school every day at all hours like other children. This could cause a lot of stress for the child not knowing whether they get enough education to pass. Additionally to this stress, there are other factors that cause concern for these children like self-consciousness, behavioural issues, usually no group of friends, learning problems, etc.

Learning Issues of Children on Dialysis

Due to the above-mentioned factors, children with kidney disease tend to have problems when going to school. For many, the learning problems are caused by the imbalance of overall growth and health conditions which at the same time lead to a smaller body size compared to other children their age. Because the kidneys are not functioning like it should by removing toxins in the body, this can cause weak brain and nerve function which also affects the learning ability and motor skills. Depending on the age the child was diagnosed with kidney disease, the severity of these health issues might differ. Some will be lucky to receive a kidney transplant and others will have to live with dialysis treatment.

Dealing with Kidney Disease as a Child

Having kidney disease could be a sensitive topic for children. The treatment can also have long term effects on these children for example weight gain, difficulty to sleep and mood swings. For this reason, it is important for them to know that they can be open about their health condition and do not need to be ashamed. Children with this health condition should be able to talk to their friends, teachers and caregivers about their condition and concerns.

Extra Education Methods

It is very important that each child has the opportunity to have a proper education even if they are disabled. For this reason, children with kidney disease should receive special educational care in order for them to stay on track and on the same education level as other children their age. This could include extra tutoring classes, homeschooling or special schools that focus especially on children with special medical needs.

Sport restrictions for Children on Dialysis

School often includes extramural sport. And although children with kidney disease can do light exercises that are approved for their health condition, school sports could be another hurdle for children with kidney disease since they cannot take part in certain kinds of sports. These children also need a lot of rest which can be difficult when doing sports. Due to this restriction, the children often feel disconnected from the other children. This can always be worked out in order for all children to feel included in sports activities.

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