Startup Ecosystem Explained

The term “startup ecosystem” and many other startup terms are used more often in the last few years as the startup scene grows more and more. But many people do not really know the real meaning of all these terms used by entrepreneurs. We decided to discuss the term “startup ecosystem” in this blog for those who wish to freshen up their startup lingo.

The Recycling of Medical Waste

Worldwide at least two million tons of medical waste is produced yearly. 1 Medical waste can be produced by hospitals, veterinary clinics, private homes and any other medical institutes. Approximately 85% of this waste is a non-hazardous waste whereas 15% of it is a hazardous waste which could be infectious, toxic or radioactive. 2 This means that the way this waste gets recycled and what is done with the recycled materials afterwards is very important for the safety of the environment and human lives.

solar panels in nature

Solar Energy without Deforestation

Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to produce energy nowadays is growing on a big scale. All over the world, wind turbines and solar farms are developing with the goal to create an environmentally friendly energy production. But the problem is that often the environment has to be adapted in order for these type of solutions to be built. For example, big amounts of land to build solar or wind turbine farms.


Saint Louis Aurar Dialysis Unit

Aurar Dialysis Unit is a health care facility in La Réunion established in 1980. Their main goal is to support patients with end-stage chronic kidney failure through dialysis. Aurar makes use of several solutions from B Braun for example, Aquaboss water system, hot rinse warm disinfection on ring line without any chemicals. In addition to medical care and dialysis, Aurar also provides transplant preparation and the prevention of kidney diseases, especially diabetes and metabolic diseases

Business start up launch

Helpful Tools for Startups

Starting your own business is a lot of work and could be a stressful situation for many. There are a lot of things to keep in mind and to consider when organising things for your business, having your marketing field on point, coordinating meetings and internal administration, etc.

Fortunately, today’s technology enables people to use different tools and programs to support them with all these above-mentioned points.

Edtech 2 students

Edtech: developing education in Africa

Education technology, also known as edtech, is a field of technology used to enhance education in different parts of the world. This type of education is still at early ages but has already proved a positive result due to the unique learning pace and support of each individual learner.

Global communication network concept.

Fintech: Creating new opportunities in Africa

Financial technology (Fintech) is a term which describes the form of technology used to operate and offer services in the financial sector. This form of technology supports businesses, business owners, buyers, etc. to control their financial practices easier and faster by using their private computers or smartphones. Fintech development is increasing fast, especially in Africa and this development holds many benefits for the African continent.

Healthtech blog

Health Tech unfolding in Africa

Due to the lack of healthcare workers and infrastructure in many parts of Africa, the continent experiences around 24% of the worldwide disease burden. Many people have to travel for hours in very poor health conditions in order to get medical treatment. This leads to many costs and takes up lots of time. For this reason, there is an urgent need for health technology all over Africa. Which could help resolve some of the hurdles people struggle with daily in order to receive medical care.

Development of Green Tech Markets in Africa

Development of Green Tech Markets in Africa

Green technology or “green tech” is a technology that is less harmful to the environment when it comes to production. This means that it uses alternative resources to produce energy, etc. With this type of production comes many developments such as less waste, less energy costs, effective energy sources, fewer carbon emissions and toxic gasses in the environment, better water quality, more recycling which means a healthier environment.

Startup Terminology to prepare you for the Startup Scene

The ambition for entrepreneurs to start their own business has never been so widely spread all over the world than it is at the moment. To get into the startup scene, one of the first things you need to do is to build up your network. For this, it is extremely important to know what you are talking about and to understand what other entrepreneurs are saying.

Your African <> European Connection

Our management consultancy service offers leadership and management development, organisation management and project management. Our main operations are in Africa with focus on connecting African and European start-ups preferably in the medical field. We are working on an online platform called “AfriEu” with the aim to connect African and European start-ups and for this reason we decided to draw up an infogram which emphasise why networking in African countries is lacking. We made use of Briter Bridges statistics to support our view.

Being a Dialysis Nurse Part 3

I am a Renal Dialysis Unit Manager in Pretoria, South Africa. I have been working in renal dialysis since 2009, where I started as a student Clinical Technologist, then a Diploma Clinical Technologist and later became a Graduate Clinical Technologist.

Being a Dialysis Nurse Part 2

I am a Nephrology Nurse Specialist, currently working as the Unit Manager at a dialysis center in Mossel bay, South Africa. I have been working in dialysis for six years now. I qualified as a registered nurse in 2001. I completed the Advance Diploma in Nephrology Nursing in 2017 at NMU, Post Gradate Diploma in Nursing Education in 2018 at Stellenbosch University and I am currently busy with my Masters of Nursing at Stellenbosch University.

Being a Dialysis Nurse Part 1

In this article we will interview one of three dialysis nurses working in Africa. Our goal is to find out what it is like to be a dialysis nurse and which challenges they have to deal with.

Children’s Dialysis

When a child’s kidneys do not work like it is supposed to, they need to receive dialysis which is a blood filtering treatment. Dialysis helps the body to filter waste and extra fluid since the kidneys cannot do this properly or not at all. There are specialised children dialysis centres all over the world to provide treatment to children of all ages. Often most children with a kidney disease will have a kidney transplant once they are big enough, so until then they will need to get dialysis treatment.

Holiday Dialysis

Have you ever wondered how patients receiving dialysis treatment can travel for work and go on holiday like every other person when they need treatment a few days a week? Holiday dialysis allows people to visit other dialysis centres for treatment if they want to travel for work or holiday.

The Role of Medical Device Reporting

Medical devices could either be used to prevent a health issue or to treat an already existing health problem. In order for these kinds of devices to be used on humans and to function like it should, it is strictly advices to have medical device reporting done in order to avoid injury or death through fault devices. Which includes both the patient and the medical experts using the device.

Using technology to improve medical care in Africa

In the last three years Sub-Saharan Africa covered around 14.59% of the world population. Until now there is approximately one doctor per 1,000 population in Sub-Saharan Africa. And even though there are not so many doctors available, the infrastructure like the national roads are in such a bad state that people cannot reach out for medical help when they live in rural areas where doctors are not available. Previously and still in some areas today, people have no form of communication available to get in touch with medical professionals for advice.

My business trip to Côte d’Ivoire

I am a technician for medical equipment and recently got the opportunity to work in Ivory Coast. I received my visa, flight tickets and a mission. I am on my way to Ivory coast (Côte d’Ivoire) for work. I was asked to go and help at a dialysis center. We had no idea what the setup was like at the center and what the technical issues were.

How diverse is medical care in different African countries?

There are different types of healthcare systems all over the world. In this article we focus on different African countries that we have worked in and how their healthcare systems differ from one another or whether they even offer any form of healthcare at all. People often think of Africa as one place, but forget that all the countries in Africa have different traditions, religion, political views, healthcare systems, diverse use of medicine, etc.

Language Exchange during Workshops and Training

Offering different types of medical device training in Spanish and French can be challenging as an English speaker and once it comes to language hurdles like this, body language is a big advantage. Of course, the best method is to try and solve the language hurdles by doing the training in the student’s mother tongue because we want to make learning opportunities possible without any language difficulties.

The Dangers and Advantages of using WhatsApp for Technical Support

Technical support starts with one expert, whether it’s online, in person or on paper. When maintaining medical equipment, technical support is very crucial, especially when a problem is detected. Often the only and easiest way for them to communicate and give technical support is through a simple app – WhatsApp.

Improving Dialysis Treatment in Sierra Leone


Envision being in need of medical treatment but not having access to needed medical care or the necessary equipment. Chronic kidney disease is at least 3-4 times more frequent in Africa than in developed countries[1] which means dialysis treatment and counselling is needed for these patients. The fact that this kind of treatment is not available in many parts of the world and particularly in Africa is a sad reality. This is different in Sierra Leone since the Shifaa Dialysis Center opened their doors for all in need.