Benefits of using a Central Concentrate Supply

Working in a hospital is hard work. The doctors and nurses need to take care of all their patients in the hospital and the long hours can get tiresome. It is therefore important to have different procedures and systems in place that will make the work for nurses easier. This will ensure optimal care is given to their patients. One such system is the Central Concentrate Supply system.

What is a Central Concentrate Supply?

A Central Concentrate Supply (CCS) is a system where the concentrate for dialysis machines is supplied from central storage containers or mixing devices. [1] Pumps distribute the concentrate through the ring line from behind and to MPC’s (media providing centres) where the dialysis machines are connected.

The CCS gets the concentrate from the ECOMix system, where the concentrate is mixed directly on site.

Benefits of using CCS

As times change and technology improve, so does the way hospitals run. The benefits of using CCS far outreaches its disadvantages, which we will look at in a bit. The use of a central supply system means that the nurses have more time on their hands. There is now no need for the nurses to pack the different concentrate bags as needed per patient, the concentrate can easily reach the dialysis machine through the central concentrate supply system as it is connected directly at the media providing centre in the wall.

Not only is this system time-efficient, but it is also more eco-friendly as less plastic is used, from the concentrate bags, as the concentrate is stored in large tanks from where it is connected to the central concentrate supply system.

Disadvantages of using CCS


The disadvantage of using CCS is that for running a system cost-effectively you need to have a large unit. Typically a unit with more than 40 beds works best with a CCS. This should not discourage hospitals from using it as the benefits of having a central concentrate supply system will greatly benefit hospital staff.

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  1. Provided by Arno Furstenberg. Machine suppliers: B.Braun and Intermedt
  2. Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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